Venice Photographer Just engaged romantic photosession in Venice couples photographer Venice Italy
Hand in hand in Piazza San Marco, with the morning sun peeking through the colonnade

Just engaged! A morning adventure in Venice

Just engaged, walking hand in hand in the most romantic city there is: Venice. This couples photoshoot was a dream: I am completely in love with these photographs, taken on a warm summer morning. We decided to meet around 8 am, when the sun had already risen, and it emerged from behind St. Mark’s Basilica, in Piazza San Marco.  The sun was soft, giving the photographs a dreamy feel.

Corinna wrote me months before getting to Venice. She wanted to book me as her and Cameron’s photographer in Venice. While we were chatting  she said the has a suspect: she thought Cameron might have been thinking about proposing. Of course, she really didn’t know.

They had met five years ago, by chance, while she was visiting Colorado. She came back home and kept in touch with Cameron before he decided they had to be together, no matter the distance and the difficulties. With this resolution in mind, he drove to her house in Minnesota with the idea to pick her up. She decided on the spot that it was worth it and five years after, they got engaged! I kind of hoped he would propose in Venice and I was excited to capture it but he was faster! I was checking my Instagram feed when I saw what was clearly a marriage proposal: Cameron was on his knees and Corinna happily crying. It happened at the first stop of their European tour, London. He could not wait, so he proposed there, in a wonderful location.

apher Just engaged romantic photosession in Venice couples photographer Venice Italy
Just engaged and so happy, walking around the most romantic city

After a couple of days they arrived in Venice for their second photoshoot, this time as an engaged couple. They were both so radiant and so in love, it was the easiest thing in the world to photograph them.

Just engaged romantic photos photosession in Venice couple  photographer couples photo Venice Italy
Early morning sweetness in Rialto, Venice