Prewedding adventure in Venice

Before their wedding day, planned for 2020, Betsy and Jeffrey took two very important decisions. They booked a trip to Venice, and they booked a photographic session with me! They had convened to finally take professional photographs together, as a couple.

Pre wedding photographs in Venice couple in love in Piazza San Marco

Even though they have been together for almost a decade, they never took the time to plan a proper photography session. They are not alone in this: so many people underestimate the importance of photography. I also found out that most of the couple I photograph, don’t print their photos!

That’s why I set up a reminder on Pic-Time! Pic-Time is the online gallery I use to deliver best quality digital files. It has a beautiful layout and a lot of options for printing. Once you get access to the gallery, you’ll find all the edited photographs from our photosession. The reminder will invite you to select what and how you’d like to print. Then it will activate again, before the gallery expires. You have no excuses!

A relaxed and sunny morning to explore Venice

Betsy and Jeffrey live in Boston, they both have very demanding jobs. So it is no surprise that they didn’t find the time to create photographic memories before. She is a medical doctor and he is a businessman, and it was fascinating to learn more about their lives.

They booked a trip to Venice because they wanted to check out southern Europe for their very own destination wedding, in 2020. They finally chose Switzerland for their celebration, but they were happy to end their journey in Venice. Here they enjoyed a prewedding photosession with the most perfect weather May can offer.

Our early morning in Venice was also an incredibly adventurous morning. I appreciated so much Betsy and Jeffrey for keeping it cool while a seagull decided to kill a pigeon in front of them while we took pictures in Piazza San Marco! You never know what is the next adventure, when you’re in Venice!

Pre wedding photographs in Venice couple in love in Piazza San Marco
Pre wedding photographs in Venice couple in love in Piazza San Marco

The photoshoot experience from their own eyes

Once we parted I was so excited about the photograph we took that I sent them a couple of edits as soon as I got home. It was such a special and emotional morning for everybody, that they left the most amazing review on my Yelp page and I just have to share it:

” We booked Camilla for a Romantic Walk photograph session so we could finally get some photos together as a couple. We didn’t know what to expect as we had not done a session before, but Camilla made us feel so comfortable and made the entire process so easy! She gave gentle instruction about what to do in front of the camera, and we didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all.

We walked along the Piazza San Marco and surrounding area. She was great about trying to get shots in despite things happening around us (boats in the way, other photographers/couples, and even a bloody headless pigeon that a seagull threw at us). As she has lived in the San Marco area itself, she knows where to go for cute shots! Camilla was professional, warm, and such a pleasure to spend our morning with! She sent us a few preview photos only a day or so after our session, and we are excited to see the rest of them!”

Pre wedding photographs in Venice couple in love in Piazza San Marco