Introduction to Venice: the basics


AIRPORT: Marco Polo Airport (VCE) Treviso Airport (TSF)

GREAT FOR: couples in love, art lovers, foodies, solo travelers

ACQUA ALTA (HIGH TIDE): from October to January

BEST TIME TO VISIT: year-round

Fun facts about Venice

  • Venice has the shape of a fish!
  • Venice is built on 121 small islands connected by 436 bridges
  • The San Marco bell tower collapsed in 1902 and was rebuilt to be exactly the same
  • The first woman in the world to graduate University was born in Venice in 1646
  • Casinò di Venezia is the world’s oldest casino and opened in 1638

Venice: a little bit of history

The best way to enjoy your time in Venice is to learn something about the history of the city.

The Republic of Venice was one of the longest lasting Republic in history (1100 years!) and one of the greatest trading powers in European history. Venice was the European end of the Silk Road trade route which moved goods all the way from China.

The architecture here is stunning: Venetian Gothic is a confluence of Italian Gothic and Byzantine architecture, with elements from the Middle and Far East.

Top 5 things to do in Venice

  • Get lost in the narrow roads at night or in the early morning: you’ll find magic
  • Visit Piazza San Marco and discover the Castello neighborhood behind it
  • Try Venetian rowing and learn about traditional boats
  • Visit at least one museum: there’s one for each taste
  • Have a long aperitivo with spritz and cicchetti

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Did you know that Venice has the shape of a fish? And that the oldest casino in the world is the Venice Casino? Or Maybe you are more interested in knowing what are the best restaurants and osterie in Venice? Here is an introduction to Venice! I tried to condense some basic info, some history and a lot of stuff that will make your time in Venice easier. Written by a local (me) with inputs from other locals. For anyone planning a visit: read it, save it and use it. _______________ #guide #veniceguide #venice #veniceitaly #visitvenice #travelinspiration #venicecanals #wheretoeatitaly #italy #honeymooninitaly #italyhoneymoon #venicepocketguide #veniceitaly #veniceinspiration

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