Summer family photo session in Venice

A family’s photographer dream: a photoshoot in Venice, with a beautiful family, in the middle of the summer. The dreamy part is, aside from the location, that Veronica and Bhupesh’s daughter was the one calling the shots. Kids are not afraid to be photographed and it is more fun for me!

Myra, Veronica and Bhupesh’s daughter, had the chance to choose three things she really wanted to do in Europe  (one of the others was to go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris ). While in Venice, she wanted to have family pictures taken and a day around the city with someone local.

Myra’s enthusiasm was contagious: we walked around San Marco square while she followed my clues and tried some jumps. I asked her to make her parents laugh and she told a bunch of great jokes (she could be a comedian in a few years, I bet!). It is great to work with kids: they make their parents more spontaneous and relaxed, they make my job so much easier! Here’s another family photoshoot I did last year, check it out.

We met around 8 am in Piazza San Marco: not too early, not too late, with a perfect ray of light coming out from behind the Basilica. Magical. Then we walked around the Castello neighborhood until we reached a little bridge with such a perfect palette of colors. We took some pictures there and said goodbye. They were up for a day of exploration around the city.