Zhi Qi + Yunwei | Marriage proposal for a young couple in love

Marriage proposal for a young couple in love

Yunwei carefully planned his marriage proposal in Venice on his girlfriend’s birthday. We exchanged emails for a couple of months to be sure we could find the right spot and the right time of day. As usual, I am happy to give guidance: most of the couples who write me have never been to Venice before! We decided to meet in San Giorgio island and then have a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. He wanted to plan a fun day with Zhi Qi and ask her to marry him in the most romantic possible way.

A beautiful love story of 8 years

Yunwei and Zhi Qi met while in high school, in Singapore. I photographed them and created a video to celebrate their love, and make memories of their big decision to get married. It was a pleasure to see such a beautiful couple!

Happy to spend the rest of their lives together, exploring hand in hand. ⁠They have been together for 8 years now (and yes, they are still as young as they look!). He had spent some time in Europe to complete his naval studies at University, so he knew a lot about Venice and its history!

It felt right for them to be taking the first photographs in the island of San Giorgio. Here there are two harbours managed by Compagnia della Vela, and an incredible view over St. Mark’s Basilica. After San Giorgio we headed to the other side to take a gondola.

Once we reached the Grand Canal, Zhi Qi was amazed by the view of the Rialto bridge. Here Yunwei proposed. She knew it was going to happen, but she still couldn’t stop the tears. It was so raw and emotional, a beautiful moment.’t stop the tears. It was so raw and emotional, a beautiful moment.

Veronica + Bhupesh = [ Myra] | Family photoshoot in Venice

Summer family photo session in Venice

A family’s photographer dream: a photoshoot in Venice, with a beautiful family, in the middle of the summer. The dreamy part is, aside from the location, that Veronica and Bhupesh’s daughter was the one calling the shots. Kids are not afraid to be photographed and it is more fun for me!

Myra, Veronica and Bhupesh’s daughter, had the chance to choose three things she really wanted to do in Europe  (one of the others was to go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris ). While in Venice, she wanted to have family pictures taken and a day around the city with someone local.

Myra’s enthusiasm was contagious: we walked around San Marco square while she followed my clues and tried some jumps. I asked her to make her parents laugh and she told a bunch of great jokes (she could be a comedian in a few years, I bet!). It is great to work with kids: they make their parents more spontaneous and relaxed, they make my job so much easier! Here’s another family photoshoot I did last year, check it out.

We met around 8 am in Piazza San Marco: not too early, not too late, with a perfect ray of light coming out from behind the Basilica. Magical. Then we walked around the Castello neighborhood until we reached a little bridge with such a perfect palette of colors. We took some pictures there and said goodbye. They were up for a day of exploration around the city.

Mo + Note | Honeymoon photoshoot at sunset

Honeymoon photoshoot in a magical Venice

Honeymoon in Venice is something you will always remember. A couples photoshoot to celebrate the occasion is a great idea! Especially if you have been waiting a long time for this trip, and you want to bring some of those memories home with you.

Mo and Note are a beautiful couple from Thailand who got married almost a year ago. At that time they couldn’t go on a proper honeymoon: Note is a soldier for the King of Thailand, and he didn’t have a lot of time to travel. When they finally decided to do it, they chose southern Europe and Italy was the destination they were dreaming about. They saw a lot of Switzerland and northern Italy in just a couple of weeks: the Dolomites, Verona, and finally Venice. Venice was the perfect location for a honeymoon photography session.

San Marco Venice Elegant honeymoon in Venice magical spring sunset photoshoot Venice photographer

A spring sunset in Venice has so many nuances

Since they were traveling by car, they ended up being late than we anticipated. Luckily the sunset at the end of May, in Venice, is very long. I love it when I am to be able to photograph at this time of the day: all the colors are changing so fast and every minute is different from the one before.

Mo and Note booked a room at the beautiful Hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace, a place I know very well because it used to be the main building of my University when I was studying in Venice! It is now completely restored and so different from the palace I once knew. The hotel is close to Fondamenta Zattere ai Gesuati, and here we started our photoshoot.

A warm and orange sunset lit every picture. Both of them were tired from a day of travel, but they managed to immerse themselves in the beauty of a brand new city, Venice. We walked between the area of Accademia and San Marco, crossing the Accademia bridge with its famous view over Salute Church. Saint Mark’s square was very busy but that didn’t take away the magic.

Piazza San Marco Venice Elegant honeymoon in Venice magical spring sunset photoshoot Venice photographer

We ended our tour with a fun taxi ride back to the hotel, when the sun was almost out of the sky. I gave them a lot of recommendations for restaurants and places to visit during their short time in Venice.

Venice Elegant honeymoon taxi boat ride magical spring sunset photoshoot Venice photographer

Katie + Geoff | Romantic honeymoon in Venice

Romantic honeymoon photoshoot at sunrise in Venice

Honeymoon in Venice is such a classic. A quiet spring morning in the heart of the city, Piazza San Marco with a shining sun and a little breeze to keep us happy, after weeks of rain. Venice during the month of May can be both incredibly warm or rainy and impossible. But this was just a perfect early morning.

This romantic walk with Katie and Geoff started in St. Mark’s square and ended in the Santa Croce neighborhood, more than a couple of hours later. When the company is good, you don’t realize how time flies! We talked about the city, what to do and where to eat, what it’s like to really live here, and I gave them a few ideas on places to visit afterwards. Their smiles and their wonder in front of  the beauty of Venice’s architecture was so sincere, I took a lot of candid pictures for them to bring home.

[By the way, if you want to know more about Venice’s neighborhood, check out this Guide compiled by Culture Trip, to which I contributed with my photographs]